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I’ll show you how to reclaim your skin, yourself and your world.

Must Have Secrets to Gorgeous Skin with Bonus Skincare Gift Guide

Are you…

…a skincare or wellness professional who’s yearning for the confidence, spark, and know-how to set yourself apart from your competition and make a great living while sharing your gifts and changing the world? I’ve got you.

…someone living with acne or another skin condition that’s making you miserable and you Been there, done that–and found the answer.

…a mom of a daughter who wants to lead by example and raise resilient, confident, and empowered young women who will lead humankind back to peace and harmony? Me too.

Did we just become BFFs? I think so 🙂

When I first met Rachael, I got that good vibe from her. I immediately could see she was very knowledgeable, one who thrives on education (both learning herself and teaching others), and she truly listens. I have had the privilege of working closely with her recently and I am always impressed with her library of knowledge, but mostly how she is able to listen to my concerns and in turn address them in the best way possible to help me truly understand how to be healthier. She has very similar focuses in her sessions which come back to overall good health physically, emotionally and spiritually. She blends all together beautifully and is a good support for her clients. During our recent workshop together, things flowed smoothly because she was very prepared, knew what she was talking about, concerned with everyone in attendance and motivated to help.

-Alina McGilloway, LMT, LE

Have a virtual cup of tea with me and I’ll help you:

  • Figure out what your skin needs–and what it doesn’t–to be clear, soft, and luminous for life
  • Get your clients lasting results in a way that only you can
  • Finally win every battle with the “mean girl” in your head
  • Get unstuck every time the self-sabotage monster gets in your way

You’re in the right place if you:

  • Are tired of offering cookie cutter menu options or coaching packages and want to offer your clients something truly unique
  • Have tried everything to improve your skin and haven’t gotten results that stay
  • Are tired of having what you *should* look like and how you *should* feel dictated to you by ad execs and mainstream media
  • Want to be the boss of your own thoughts, image, desires, needs, and life
  • Want to figure out the missing link of why you’re STILL not happy, even though you’ve done the diet, bought the products, and done the research

I see you, I hear you, and I feel you.

In my coaching practice and online courses, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to support and guide hundreds of women reclaim their skin, themselves, and their worlds AND design thriving, fulfilling skincare businesses that serve their lives.

Welcome to the Skin-Self Mastery Method

The Skin-Self Mastery Method (SSMM) is the simple, step-by-step process I’ve created following the process I went through to solve my own skin, health, and confidence issues in addition to my years in private practice, taking clients through personalized versions of the method. The SSMM meets you where you’re at. It can be applied to any skin or image-related concern you have whether it’s acne, old scars, redness, puffy eyes, camera shyness, everyday confidence, graceful aging–or if you simply want to radiate smooth, clear, vibrant skin for a lifetime. Together, we’ll bypass the trial and error and get to the core of the problem. You’ll experience improvements you can touch, see, and feel at each stage, as you start to look and feel the way you want and deserve to.

The Skin-Self Mastery Method shows you how to:

  • Find the hidden root cause(s) of your problem and address it
  • Figure out which foods make your body thrive and which make you wither
  • Take a look at your skincare and self-care regimen and see where both little tweaks and big upgrades can make the biggest impact in the least amount of time
  • Reboot your lifestyle and mindset because let’s be honest–we all need an attitude adjustment from time to time, and we all have some bad habits to lose.

These stages don’t necessarily happen in order or begin when one ends your process is as unique as you are, and you begin stages when the time is right for you. My role is to help reveal your path and guide you as you walk it.

Through working with Rachael, I was able to get to the bottom of a severe rosacea outbreak through the use of an elimination diet and the introduction of whole foods back into my diet. Rachael was so supportive and coached me through the entire process. Once my 6-month commitment was up, I re-upped with Rachael to help me with hormonal and other health issues. While my primary goal was to get to the bottom of my skin issues and food sensitivities, the end result was a loss of more than 30 pounds by eating the right foods and keeping on track with exercise. She has been such a positive force in my life. I highly recommend Rachael for health and image coaching.

– Barbara Sherf, Communications Pro

What does it look like?

That depends on you. Are you an avid reader? I’ve got books. Are you a learner and doer? I’ve got online courses.

Do you prefer 1-on-1 support? I can mentor you.

Choose a button below that most resonates with you to find your starting point.


Sometimes a listening ear, comforting smile, and personalized advice–along with skincare, nutrition, behavior modification, and mindset expertise–is what you need to fast track your results. Click below to learn more about my customized Skin-Self Mastery Method mentoring program.

Skincare Books

Read my bestselling holistic skincare book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, The Sauce Code, or download e-books to help you figure out your REAL skin type and figure out your best ingredients.

Online Courses

Want to learn how to start or grow your herbal skincare business or make your own custom skincare products? I can teach you–from the comfort of your own home!

I do what I do because I believe that women are the future. Women will heal this planet. Women will heal humanity when women have the confidence, self-worth, and ability to realize their full potential. It all starts with having the ability to love and honor the person in the mirror and healing the skin is the first step.

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