399px-NRJUSTSAYNOWhen thinking about the word “drug” many of us think of prescribed or over-the-counter medications, or get flashbacks to the Nancy Reagan days of “Just Say No” (I know I’m totally dating myself with that last one 😉 and “crack is whack” bumper stickers. Unfortunately I am not referring to any of those drugs here. I am referring to one that is much less expensive, much more accessible, and that is perfectly legal and unregulated: I’m talking about sugar. Refined table sugar, to be specific.

I’ve mentioned sugar a bit past posts, particularly when discussing holistic ways to treat acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Sugar intake also feeds Candida albicans yeast in the body, which can cause overgrowth leading to a severe immunity-compromising systemic infection.

Many people crave sugar and live with the consequences of consuming too much sugar; some of which are very serious and can be life threatening like diabetes. Many people don’t consider the fact that they might, in fact, have a sugar addiction that is as hard to break as an addiction to nicotine, alcohol, or illicit drugs.

What about moderation?

Before I began learning about holistic skincare and nutrition, I was always aware that artificial sweeteners were associated with many different health risks and that some were even potential carcinogens. So I thought that it would be better to just use real sugar, but in moderation. After awhile my own sugar cravings became out of control and I am sure it was a significant contributing factor in my own weight gain. There’s a reason for that: refined sugar (white table sugar) is not “real” sugar after all. It is not a whole food, and has been heavily processed; therefore stripped of any nutritional value whatsoever that would have helped the body digest it properly. It is an addictive, toxic substance and should be avoided.


Even “raw” and brown sugars are heavily refined.

Just stay away from the white stuff.

Although there is no single secret to weight loss or good health in general, a good rule of thumb is to avoid consuming white powdery substances (with the exception of tiny amounts of baking soda from time to time) including table (refined) sugar, table salt (go for pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt instead), and white flour (go for flours milled from whole grains complete with the bran and germ instead)-and of course any other white powders that would be considered drugs.

How do I satisfy my sweet cravings without sugar?

The topic of cravings is lengthy, and I will discuss it in another post in the future; but I will say that it is possible to satisfy a sweet tooth without consuming processed sugar. There are so many sugars existing in whole food forms found in nature, some of which cause less of

stevia gabriela ruellan

Stevia–look for the pure stevia extract, not the nationally advertised brands of white granulated stevia-like products.

a glycemic reaction than others. Pure maple syrup, pure raw coconut nectar (sap from the coconut palm tree), and raw honey are all whole foods containing natural sugars (fructose). Although they will cause blood sugar levels to rise, these foods are healthier choices overall because they retain their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients. These foods are safe to consume in moderation in place of white table sugar.

Sugar addiction can be beat.

I’ve conquered it myself and I’ve helped many others conquer it too. Is sugar running your life? If you constantly find yourself craving a sweet snack, have acne or other skin issues, or suspect you have blood sugar level issues, you may indeed have a sugar addiction. I can help. Schedule a one-on-one HH Hash it Out session with me today.

*Image 3 credit: Gabriela Ruellan

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