We’re drawn to color throughout our lives. There’s a reason that as a child, one of the common questions you get asked is ?What’s your favorite color??

Is it just me, or does this question get harder and harder to answer as you get older?

As adults, color becomes less fanciful and more regimented. Think house colors, sock choices, work wear. We find ourselves picking whichever color we think is the ?right choice? in the situation, disregarding how the color makes us feel. The muted, bland colors seem to fit better in the image of adulthood we’ve created for ourselves. I personally think that many people default to neutrals because they’re either afraid of color (maybe they’ve been told that they ‘can’t’ wear a certain hue), or they haven’t found colors that they feel flatter them. Lucky, there is something called color analysis, which helps you understand which?hues work best with?the undertones of your skin or hair. Read about my experience with that here. But wearing the right colors for your skin tone isn’t the only way we can use color to help improve our lives.

Is there a better way we can use?color?

Living Life in ColourFor Kylie Boyd, author of the book, Living Life in Colour, who I interview in today?s video, answering this question has become her mission. And like many inspiring stories, it started during a low point in her life, which she talks a bit about in our interview. During this time she was led to another book The Artist?s Way, by Julia Cameron, which is one that has been influential for me as well. I encourage you to read both!

She talks about one of the exercises in this book that was particularly influential for her. It sounds so simple: wear red lipstick every day for a week. Not only did she not own red lipstick, she’d hardly worn anything brighter than a beige. Committed to the challenge, she went out and bought one. And so the week started out challenging for her. She felt subconscious, she felt like everyone was looking at her.

Fast forward a few days and she was looking at the world differently.

Kylie?s life in red

After her week in red lipstick, a color she had never loved, Kylie found herself armed with a new energy. So she didn’t stop there–she filled her house with red flowers, wore a bright red scarf, and incorporated it into her house decorations. Friends were asking her what had changed about life lately? ?What are you on???

?I’m on red,? she said.

She started studying holistic counseling and complementary therapies, which as it happens includes color therapy. Pretty soon she was focusing a lot of her work on color and using it to help her clients experience better moods, more energy, an overall more ecstatic life.

Kylie?s book Living Life in Colour takes the reader through 8 different colors, helping you understand how incorporating them into your life can help you with problems you may be facing.

For example, yellow is linked with the solar plexus chakra, which connects to your self esteem. Or red, the color she found so empowering, but isn’t the best for people who experience anger problems, high blood pressure, or rosacea.

And we have to talk about pink.

Before I interviewed Kylie, she asked me to send her a list of my favorite and least favorite colors. Of course, I sent her a long list of both, which we then narrowed down, with one concerning conclusion:?I don’t like pink. There are several reasons why, as I discuss in our interview.?And this may sound trivial to someone who hasn’t studied color therapy, but to Kylie this was a significant clue as to something I need to pay more attention to in my life.

Check out our interview to find out what that is.

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Kylie BoydAbout Kylie Boyd

Kylie?has a Dual Diploma in Holistic Counseling and Complementary Therapies, which includes Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui, EFT, Guided meditation and Numerology. Kylie is also a 12 Tone Sci\ART Personal Colour Analyst. Her?passion is to help women highlight their natural beauty and create a life and a home that’s true to them.

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I’d love to know–what is?your favorite color and least favorite color?

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