My former in-person skincare classes

My former in-person skincare classes

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. When I first made my online course, Create Your Skincare, I expected a certain type of person to take the course–someone similar to the type of person who used to take the DIY skincare classes I used to teach in person. Most of these people were:

  • Moms
  • Were into making skincare because they wanted to use natural ingredients and avoid chemicals
  • Ladies who wanted something fun to do with their friends or daughters
  • People with super-sensitive skin who got rashes or breakouts from conventional skincare products
  • People really into making stuff from scratch–food, household cleaning products, crafts, etc

I certainly?have?Create Your Skincare students who fit at least one of these descriptions, but what really surprised me was how many professionals take my course. Professionals such as?artisan skincare makers, herbalists, health coaches, and aestheticians often?take my course?to further hone their crafts?and?enhance their practices. It makes total sense, of course; and I love teaching professionals in addition to lay people–but when my friend and colleague, Richard Merrill-Rivas took my course, I was really intrigued.

Richard Merrill-Rivas

Richard Merrill-Rivas

Richard is the formulator of the organic skincare product line, Phoenix Apothecary, and is also an aesthetics instructor–meaning he teaches students how to be aestheticians and prepare for their state licensing exams.?Like Jennifer Devlin-Waller, one of the reasons Richard took Create Your Skincare was to learn new perspectives on natural skincare formulation–but Richard also had interest in the course from the perspective of an aesthetics instructor. In fact, he encourages his students and other aestheticians to take Create Your Skincare, even if they have no plans to ever have their own skincare product line.

This really piqued my interest, so I decided to talk to him about it–and of course I recorded our conversation so we could share it with you!

Watch our conversation about what aestheticians should consider when?choosing skincare ingredients:

I love how Richard discusses the value?of knowing?how different ingredients work together in a professional skincare formulation. He also discusses how learning about different (and sometimes unfamiliar) types of formulations or products, benefits both aestheticians and anyone else interested in working with skincare products or having a skincare product line.

Want to learn more about choosing skincare ingredients?

Here's a shot of me teaching a module from the Create Your Skincare online studio!

Here’s a shot of me teaching a module from the Create Your Skincare online studio!

Whether you’re an aesthetician, skincare formulator, herbalist, aromatherapist, or someone interested in natural skincare, it’s essential to?how different natural ingredients and formulations affect different skin types and work together to achieve certain skin goals.

As Richard says, it’s all about creating synergistic blends of ingredients to chosen to produce specific skin results.?I can teach you all about that, plus much more in my 6-week online course, Create Your Skincare.?You’ll learn to design and customize complete professional quality skincare regimens for different skin types and skin goals in a fun, interactive format–PLUS you’ll become a lifetime member of the Create Your Skincare community where you can connect with Richard and other CYS alumni when you need support or just want to talk shop!

Click HERE to learn more about Create Your Skincare and save your spot in the next semester.

See you in class!

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