autumn leavesMy tummy is so happy right now. And it hasn’t been these past several weeks. First I was all stressed out over speaking at the AHSCP conference a few weeks ago—stress interferes with digestion, so I already had a bit of agita. Plus, I have to admit that although I eat much less sugar than I used to, I tend to crave it during stressful times—I confess that I indulged a bit.

Once I got to Michigan, I realized that I had been stressing for no reason because everyone at Elina Organics and the AHSCP took such great care of me and my presentation went great. However, I don’t travel well. Eating a lot of restaurant food and sleeping in a hotel bed (as posh as it was) got my system more out of whack. I was happy to return home and looked forward to things getting back to normal with my eating, sleeping, and exercising.

Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy had different plans.

My virtual bowl of vitamin L

The stress of preparing for the storm, dealing with the storm itself (and trying to calm my terrified children) and the power outages and cleanup after was tough…but now it is a week later and although we are all cleaned up here, I am very worried about my friends and family members in NY and NJ who are still cleaning up the mess—some of whom are still waiting for rescue. I’m praying and sending out big virtual bowls of Vitamin L (my homemade chicken soup), and I’m also donating money, food, and supplies where I can and am trying to encourage others to also do what they can to help these people and their families recover.

So you can see how the past few weeks have been anything but normal for my system. I have stayed on track with my yoga practice (thanks mainly to the Wholelicious 40 Day Yoga Challenge that my friend Andrina has organized), but I haven’t been as good with my food. I’ve given in to some of the sugar cravings, and now I am craving it more. This has affected my energy levels, my skin, and my ability to focus. I just feel blech. Not good!

What’s one great way to stop a sugar craving before it gets out of control?

Detox! Today I began a 30 day cleanse to help reset my system. That’s why my tummy is so happy today. Cleanses are great for breaking bad patterns and starting anew. My cleanse consists of a specific diet that I’ve come up with based on what I like best from other detox diets I’ve studied, two short liquid diet phases, detoxifying herbs, and some extra fiber. I also do more dry brushing and take my salt baths more frequently. I like to do this cleanse a couple of times a year to prevent toxins from building up (kind of like maintaining a car), and I find that my body responds best in the fall.

Some might ask why I would do a cleanse so close to holiday season?

I might want this now but I won’t on Christmas Eve!

The answer is this: I’m already craving sugar.  If I don’t put a stop to it now, I’ll be much more likely to overindulge in desserts and other excessive holiday foods in a month than if I just get the sugar out of my head completely now. My 30 day detox helps me do just that. By doing the cleanse now, I won’t even want the sweets come holiday season. If I do decide to have some, I will be fine with just a little bit.

I know the idea of a cleanse may seem restrictive, but my clients have told me that they find my program very livable and even find themselves enjoying it.  And the results? They enjoy them even more!

Want to join me? 

Schedule a HH Hash it Out session to find out how you can hit YOUR reset button.

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