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sunscreen shoppingYou’re at a drug store, department store, or spa (maybe even a doctor’s office) looking for new skincare products. Maybe you’re looking for a new brand, maybe you’re replenishing a product you ran out of. You find a product you want to purchase (probably based on your “skin type”)–let’s say it’s a moisturizer.

But then you notice there’s also a lotion in the same range. And a day cream. And an eye cream. And an eye gel. And a lip scrub. And a lip cream. And a neck cream. And a serum. And a lotion cleanser. And a foaming cleanser. And a toner. And a makeup remover. And a scrub. And a masque. But wait, there’s also a sunscreen. And a primer. And a BB cream. And a CC cream. And a DD cream.

At this point your head is about to explode. I mean, you just came for a cream–but all the packages match–and you’ve heard that it’s best to use products all in the same brand since the ingredients in each product were specifically chosen to work with the ingredients in all the other products, and synergistically all the ingredients working together make them stronger and more potent than if you were to just use them in one measly product. So maybe you need a serum too? And I’m sure you’ve heard (possibly from me) that you need a specially formulated product for around the eye area. And we mustn’t ignore the neck–after all what good is?smooth, youthful skin on the face if you’ve got a wattle?

So by now, it’s time to grab a basket. Whether you’re shopping at a drug store or a dermatologists’ office, you’ve likely spent three to four times more money than you’d intended and are leaving with six different products instead of one–but you’re confident, right? Because all these products just for your skin type and have ingredients that magically come to life when used altogether in multiple products, so it will all be worth it to get superhumanly gorgeous skin.

Does a skincare regimen with a lot of products actually work better than one with only a few?

11977411936_796d4432a8_z-2That’s really the question, isn’t it? If you put aside all the matching packages, display advertising, online product reviews, and even recommendations from skincare professionals–will?having a full arsenal of skincare products make your skin look better than if you only use a few?

It’s unlikely. And I’ll tell you why.

First of all, products off store shelves were designed for certain skin “types” that might seem to work well on paper and in a lab, but really have nothing to do with you. They are generic, and your skin is not. So they may work, sure–but it’s also possible that they won’t–no matter how diligently you use them.

Second. It’s all about the QUALITY of ingredients–not the quantity. Not all ingredients are sourced from high quality places. There’s food grade, cosmetic grade, and pharmaceutical grade. Most performance ingredients–even natural ones–have been formulated in a lab to make them appropriate for use in skincare products.?Whether the ingredient will actually penetrate the skin, whether it will remain intact within the product, and other factors all depend on how they’re formulated, which is a very scientific process. Higher quality ingredients are more expensive for the formulator–but they’re also more effective. A product contains 10 different botanical extracts also likely contains teeny tiny percentages of them which means they’re not likely to be concentrated enough to be effective. So a product containing fewer higher quality ingredients will always be more effective than a product containing higher amounts of lower quality ingredients. There is some level of truth to the idea of certain ingredients becoming more effective in synergistic blends (this happens with nutrients in food too!), but unfortunately, many?companies use?that in marketing, rather than in practice.

Third. When you have a medicine cabinet full or products, it’s quite possible that your collection of products will end up being just that–a collection. That’s observed but not touched. Like your own little personal skincare product museum.

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While having a lot of products might?be fun for a little while, you might realize after a couple of weeks that you just don’t want to spend 30 minutes every morning and night on your skin. So then the products (and your money)–while they might look pretty–go to waste.

It’s time to stop the madness!

Me using my Exquisite Cleansing Lotion as a morning hydrating masque. I teach this product in Module 4 of Create Your Skincare.

Me using my Exquisite Cleansing Lotion as a morning hydrating masque. I teach this product in Module 4 of Create Your Skincare.

You only need a few key products in your skincare regimen. I promise you. And as a natural skincare formulator and a licensed aesthetician, you can be confident that I’m telling you the truth. I custom blend products for my one-on-one clients–and they’ll all vouch for the fact that they only get (and only need) two or three products from me for their daily regimens. A cleanser (which also effectively removes makeup, serves as a hydrating masque, and in some cases doubles as a moisturizer), a toner, and a moisturizer (appropriate for the eye area, lips, and neck). Sometimes people like a?separate eye cream, sometimes they like a cleansing/moisturizing oil for the morning and a cleansing lotion for night–but those are the main products that make up their core regimens.

You might wonder: what about exfoliants, serums, masques, etc? I consider those “icing” products. They’re fine for weekly or monthly skincare rituals but aren’t necessary for every day (I know there are some aestheticians and skincare manufacturers reading this who are cringing). I don’t agree with regular exfoliation and I very rarely exfoliate my skin at all (read this to learn why).

If you focus on a few simple, properly-formulated, multi-tasking products made with top quality ingredients that are right for your skin–and you follow a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle regimen–you’ll have gorgeous skin. Period.

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*Image 1 from Urbane Woman Magazine, Image 2 from?Royal Siam Beauty https://www.flickr.com/photos/86552932@N03/

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