As I was perusing the different displays and booths at the Philadelphia International Congress of Esthetics and Spa last October, I have to admit my head started to spin. So many people, so many products, it can get very overwhelming. Fortunately, I happened to walk past first-time exhibitors Violet Skin Boutique at that moment and was instantly calmed. The soft colors of the booth and the gentle, pleasing aromas coming from the assorted products made me stop and take a look. Of course it helped that my hand was taken and I was treated to an invigorating hand massage with one of Violet’s luxurious homemade hand crèmes while I spoke to the ladies and learned about the company.

About Violet

Violet Mkhitaryan is a biochemist, cosmetologist, and aesthetician who grew up in Armenia. She has been making her own products for the skin, hair, and body based on traditional tried-and-true Eastern European recipes for nearly 40 years. She has had spas in Armenia, Moscow, the U.S. (in Brookline, Mass.), and will soon be opening in Kuwait. She runs her business with the help of her twin daughters, and has been featured in many prominent publications such as Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine (one of my favorites), Boston Magazine, and Every Day with Rachael Ray (we like her too for obvious reasons ;).

The Products
Egg yolk is a great natural firming ingredient.

Violet’s products are all handmade with all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients like royal jelly, egg yolk, cocoa butter, and aloe. She uses natural preservatives like borax and vodka. By the time I reached the booth my trade show goodies budget was pretty much spent, but I had just enough left to try Violet’s Royal Eye Crème, Green Tea Body/Bath Oil, Lemon Luxury Body Crème, and Lemon Hand Crème (several other natural scents are available in these formulas).

The crèmes are very rich and are perfect for dry winter air. I love slathering them on after my HH Salt Bath Ritual then putting on my nice warm pajamas or cotton gloves before bed. The green tea oil is very nice as well and provides a more lightweight moisture.

My favorite though is the Royal Eye Crème. Although it does contain borax as a preservative, I was told to refrigerate this product because it keeps the royal jelly intact longer and also provides a cooling sensation which is great to help with morning puffiness. I have to admit that going to the refrigerator for my eye cream took some getting used to, but I managed to work it into my routine. I put on my other face products, then went downstairs to get water for my nightstand and applied the eye crème at that time. I’m always wary of trying new eye crèmes because I’m generally very happy with the products I’ve been using for quite some time, and the skin around my eyes tends to be sensitive. This product did not disappoint at all, and I did not have any negative reactions. My eye area stayed hydrated and line-free all day, and morning puffiness was reduced.

I’m very interested in royal jelly as an ingredient and will be featuring it in an upcoming Ingredient Spotlight. Gotta love those bees…they provide us with some of the most powerful and multifunctional ingredients in nature.

I have kept in touch with the wonderful ladies of Violet and we’ve established a great relationship. I hear wonderful things about their baby care products and I plan on trying some of the other crèmes, cleansers, and masks in the near future. They are very gentle and are safe for all skin types, and are moderately priced.

If you happen to be in the Brookline, Mass. area make sure you give them a call and book one of their signature spa treatments. Tell them I sent you. Violet’s products are available in their spas, and online at

*Logo and product images from Violet Skin Boutique.

**Disclaimer: I have worked with Violet Enterprises, Inc. on unrelated projects but I chose to purchase and review these products myself and was not compensated for this review.

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