Many recent studies have suggested that cooking with aluminum foil, pots, and pans cause a buildup of the metal in the body, which can cause many illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s.  Because of this, many people are going back to good old fashioned cast iron cookware, enamel, or stainless steel.

Did you know that aluminum is also found in a personal hygiene product that we (hopefully) use every day?  That’s right folks, the majority of deodorants and antiperspirants sold on the market today contain aluminum.  Not only has aluminum exposure already been linked to Alzheimer’s, but other studies have shown that it can also cause breast cancer.

In fact, “a recent study from Reading University found that cancerous tumors are most likely to appear in the parts of the female breast which is closest to where antiperspirants are applied. Of the women studied, it was found that cysts in the armpit area of the breast had 25x more aluminum than the common amount found in blood.”  And that’s not the only study that found these results.

Propylene Glycol

Even though this study was done on women, it is important to note that men do get breast cancer. 

When you combine the aluminum with the other toxic ingredients that commonly used deodorants and antiperspirants contain, such as propylene glycol (which is the main ingredient in anti-freeze), and parabens, the cancer risk is even higher.


So, what?  I’m not supposed to wear deodorant?

Of course you are supposed to wear deodorant…and there are plenty of them available that are free of aluminum and other toxic chemicals…the problem?  Nearly all of them are just deodorants, NOT antiperspirants.  And many of them don’t do a very good job of masking odors.  I found that even the ones that came in the traditional stick form felt wet and sticky when applied…not pleasant at all.

I have actually known about the dangers posed by aluminum in deodorants for quite some time, and I have made due with the safer alternatives that you can find at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and other stores that carry natural and safe products.  But there was not a single brand I tried (and believe me, I tried a lot) that really met my needs.  Until I happened to be reading a Sephora catalog one day and I saw an ad for The Healthy Deodorant by LAVANILA Laboratories.

$18.00 for deodorant?  Are they for real?

Honestly, what caught my eye at first was the price.  LAVANILA is not cheap.  It is $18.00 for one stick of deodorant.  But the ad said it was all natural and safe and effective, and it was pretty so of course I had to go to the store and see it in person (because I really need an excuse to go to Sephora).

I walked in and looked around for a bit and couldn’t find it (plus I had a double baby stroller with me, which is not easy to maneuver in Sephora AT ALL), so I just asked the salesperson to point me in the right direction.  Before even showing me where it was she said “It’s $18.00, you know.”  Thanks for clearing that up.

So I went and smelled the different fragrances and they were all absolutely delicious.  Of course I had to buy one.

I took it home (the Vanilla Lavender one), removed my existing product, and applied it.

And that was it.  From that point forward, I started spending $18.00 on my deodorant. It is the ONLY safe, natural deodorant product that actually works.  Even though it is marketed as a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, I have not had any problems with moisture since I started using it, and the odor protection is excellent and lasts all day.  Additionally, the product does not have the wet, sticky, yucky feel that many of the other safe options had.

LAVANILA Laboratories makes other safe and natural products as well: body butters, lip care products, baby care products, fragrances and candles.  The deodorant is by far my favorite.

Try to look past the price…
I know the $18.00 price tag may deter some of you from trying this product.  I am telling you, it is worth every penny.  I am not rich by any means, but I buy this product.  And it lasts me longer than other deodorants, so I buy it less frequently than I used to have to buy the other stuff.

Nobody really gives underarm products much thought, but considering that study after study is confirming the risks posed by using deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminum, I think it is worth the thought; and it is worth changing your product.  Give LAVANILA’s deodorant a try…it is a fabulous, effective, and safe alternative.

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