When considering the idea of holistic skincare, I think we can all agree that the definition is subjective. In some schools of thought, holistic skincare is thought of as simply using natural products and avoiding invasive treatments to improve the appearance of the skin. In my bestselling book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, I define?holistic skincare as “treating the skin from the inside out and outside in using nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, in addition to high-quality, natural skincare products to nourish and protect the skin.”?I want to add?my thoughts regarding?technologies?such as nanocurrent or microcurrent as well, because there are holistic aestheticians who do not believe in the usage of devices of any kind for the skin.

In my practice, I?don’t mind?the use of non-invasive (meaning they do not break the skin or remove layers of the skin) treatments that utilize technology such as LED, ultrasound,?and certain currents (I do prefer bioidentical currents, which mimic ones naturally produced by the body) as a support to other holistic measures such as a whole foods-based diet, positive mindset, healthy lifestyle choices, and a natural (preferably handmade) skincare regimen. I do NOT support the usage of any device, treatment, or technology?to REPLACE the aforementioned holistic measures. So all that being said, I recently learned about nanocurrent technology for the skin at the recent International Congress of Esthetics and Spa show in Philadelphia (where I was a speaker), from my friend and colleague, Jaclyn Peresetsky. Jaclyn was this year’s Congress host, and speaker and is also the CEO of Skin Perfect Clinic, Colore Me Perfect custom mineral makeup, and was the first US distributor of the NanoFace Pro nanocurrent device. The device is now available exclusively to licensed practitioners. I recently had the opportunity to interview Jaclyn for an episode of The Rachael Pontillo Show, where we definitely talked about nanocurrent, in addition to other therapies such as microcurrent and LED.

Watch my interview with Jaclyn Peresetsky below:

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What I especially loved about this interview was that Jaclyn brought up a subject that’s very near and dear to me–the “why” behind skincare in general. We also?got really real, just as women and moms (around the 19 minute mark) about the struggles we face as women and moms–and that no matter what your role is in your personal life and professional career, it so important to not play the comparison game! There’s always going to be someone out there who appears to have it all together, whether she’s another mom, a successful entrepreneur, or a beauty expert you see on TV or YouTube. I mention the quote “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.” It’s so true.

Jaclyn PeresetskyJaclyn and I also came up with our own quote together:

“When we use beauty products and devices to try to look our best and be our best selves, there are underlying reasons that drive us to do that. We have to give those reasons love, just as much as we have to give our skin love.” (Click HERE to tweet that!)

About Jaclyn Peresetsky:

Jaclyn Peresetsky is not only the owner of Skin Perfect Spas in Ohio and Florida, but she is also a noted color expert, makeup artist, master aesthetician, author and speaker. Her multiple books, cosmetic and skincare lines, and training courses allow other beauty pros to learn and add more services combining art and science to become leading beauty experts.

Committed to continuous education, Jaclyn travels the world to learn of new techniques and product lines for skin care and makeup as well as doing speaking events and news segments.?Jaclyn?s best accomplishments are hearing her skincare clients swell with confidence as they tell her stories of the compliments they receive about their skin and how happy they are with their results. Through these strong and heart felt connections grows her drive to keep pushing for the best skincare products and treatments for the spa?s clients. She attributes much of her success to her amazing Skin Perfect team?(who I’ve also had the pleasure to meet, and yes–they are wonderful)?and her cherished spa clients.

share-your-thoughts-2-150x150Would you use nanocurrent for your skin?

What are your thoughts on using devices to complement your holistic skincare routine in general? Sound off in the comments!

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