weight lossIt’s taken me a long time to post these for several reasons:?

  1. I had to wait until I had cute new clothes to wear in my “after” pictures…luckily I got some great Christmas gifts!
  2. I wasn’t sure I was done losing weight…I thought I was done in November when I reached my goal weight, but weight continued to come off for the next month or so (about 13 more pounds)and my weight has finally stabilized.
  3. I really wasn’t looking forward to going through the before pictures. There aren’t many, and in most of them I am either holding a child or hiding behind a group of people. Plus I have about 900 million pictures and trying to find one that actually shows how I looked back then is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Well several people suggested to me that I post before and after pictures so readers and clients could actually see photographic evidence of the Journey Back to Wellness that I constantly refer to. I finally had Chef Joe take some cute “after” pictures, and went through the unpleasant search through my photo archives to find the “before” pictures so the time has come.



The heaviest I ever weighed in was 200 pounds. However, I could have weighed more than that…I didn’t actually weigh myself much back then. A lot of people who know me don’t believe I weighed that much because I am tall…well 200 pounds may look different on someone who is 5’3″ than someone who is 5’9″, but it is not any healthier. Truthfully the hardest part of finding these pictures was seeing how unhappy I looked. Even in the one on top where I am smiling, my smile looks pained.

Here I am at about 180…


At least I look happier, but my posture is still slouchy which is not like me at all…I actually got made of when I was a kid for always standing up too straight.

Well, it’s been a long road, with lots of detours, but I finally found my straight path to weight loss and better health and happiness.


HHAfterHere I am today at a healthy 130 pounds. I know 130 may seem underweight to some for my height but my body type was always on the slimmer side…I was always underweight according to the percentile charts even though I ate a ton and exercised very little. Before I gained the weight I was about 125. I did not lose this weight by starving myself AT ALL. I just went back to eating real food (with more of an emphasis on plant foods) that I prepared for myself and my family. ?

yoga pants

The body knows what its ideal weight is. If you give it what it needs, it will get there on its own.?

It really is as simple as that (although it wasn’t always easy). So there you have it.

Do you need help reaching your health-related goals? Now you can see that I’ve been there, and I know what it takes to reach these goals. I’d be happy to support you on your own Journey Back to Wellness. Schedule your one-on-one HH Hash it Out phone or Skype session with me today.


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