Scars. Some people joke about them and call them ?badges of honor? and tell you their ?war stories? of how they got them. Some really are badges of honor though, and are permanent reminders of life, near death, or survival experiences. For some, however, they are disfiguring and have caused more emotional pain than the physical pain that caused them in the first place.

Hyperpigmentation. We?ve already talked about this a bit in terms of dark spots caused by sun damage and other environmental aggressors, excessive exfoliation, acne, aging in general, melasma, and more.

There are many products and skin care ingredients on the market that promise to reduce or improve the appearance of many different types of scars and hyperpigmentation. Most of them are ineffective, but many of the ones that have shown efficacy contain ingredients that are potentially toxic and/or actually increase sensitivity and inflammation in the skin leading to irritation and possible allergic reactions. Some of these ingredients are:

? Vitamin E: although this popular antioxidant is often used in skin care products as an emollient, free-radical fighter, and preservative, it actually ?causes contact dermatitis in 33% of its users.?

? Hydroquinone: this is one of the most commonly prescribed and used tyrosinase inhibitors/lightening agents on the market. Unfortunately, it irritates and causes sensitivity in the skin, makes the skin more susceptible to the sun?s harmful UV rays, and even in low OTC percentages, can cause a permanent blue-black lesions on the skin called Exogenous Ochronosis. It has also been suspected to be a carcinogenic neurotoxin.

? Kojic Acid: is a common alternative to hydroquinone. Unfortunately, it too ?causes skin sensitization which can lead to dermatitis? and also has a tendency to lose effectiveness quickly as the skin adjusts and becomes immune to it.

? D4 and D5 Silicones: These silicones are used often in cosmetics, skin care products, and scar reduction/improvement products. However, these silicones are considered to be hazardous to wildlife, people, and the environment by both Canada and the European Union. Why not in the US? Well the current (and outdated) Toxic Substances Control Act still does not even consider toxins like asbestos to be a big enough concern, so hopefully Sen. Frank Lautenberg?s proposed Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 will set things straight in that regard. Dimethicone silicone, however has been confirmed by studies to be safe for humans, animals, and wildlife.

? Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances: you all know by now how I feel about these ingredients and all of the others on the Toxic 12 list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid. I don?t need to tell you again here.

So what scar/hyperpigmentation product does NOT contain these ingredients?


There is a product called InviCible Scars Advanced Treatment for Scars and Dark Spots which is intended to treat both dark spots and scars.

scar treatment dark spot creamI was made aware of this product by a fellow blogger Shannon Nelson, who writes the fabulous A Girl?s Gotta Spa beauty blog. I was a little wary at first since this is a product that was developed by a plastic surgeon and is marketed to the general public, not exclusively to professionals; so I assumed it would be full of chemicals. However, once I read the website and saw that this product?s manufacturer is one of only 300 companies to have signed the Environmental Working Group?s Compact for Safe Cosmetics and pledged to remove all toxic chemicals from all of their products; that really was all I needed to see.

InviCible consists dimethicone silicone gel, two forms of Vitamin C (which we all know is essential for collagen remodeling and production), their propriety PROBIOSYN-4 blend of sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, and licorice extract. And that?s it. It contains no water, therefore it is stable and cannot harbor bacteria or other microorganisms, so it does not need preservatives. The ingredients in the PROBIOSYN-4 blend are soothing and anti-inflammatory, and the combination of the dual Vitamin C complex and licorice extract naturally suppress/regulate melanin production.

It almost sounds too good to be true, right?


Yes, it does. However, InviCible?s results are backed by several clinical studies, which are published and are easily accessible on their website, alongside before and after pictures of different types of scars and dark spots, as well as testimonials from real customers.

InviCible is indicated for nearly every type of scar (surgical, facial, burn, stretch marks, hypertrophic [although not keloids], scars from lacerations and abrasions, and acne. It is also intended to lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation issues such as age spots, sun damage, melasma, and dark spots caused by post-inflammatory pigmentation due to acne, burns, or other injuries.

Still?I want to see if it works for myself.


Seeing is believing, right? I decided to give InviCible a try on a small, yet noticeable and unattractive scar I have on my bicep that I got as a result of a skin biopsy. I went to the dermatologist for my annual full body skin check, and had a small freckle that had changed color, so she took her little cookie cutter/hole punch device and removed a little chunk about the depth and diameter of a pencil eraser. Although she stitched it up and I followed my post-biopsy instructions correctly, due to the depth of the wound, I still wound up with a scar that is very noticeable during short sleeve weather?especially if I get some color from the sun. Here it is?my official ?before? picture.

So I am following the instructions per the chart on their website and Facebook page, and we?ll see what happens. It?s been about a week and so far there is no improvement, but like most skin care products, these things take time. I?ll post an update in a few weeks or so.

Another great thing about InviCible is that they offer several different payment options. You have the option to purchase the single product either as one payment of $82.00 or in three low monthly payments of $27.35. If you have a scar(s) or dark spot(s) that require more product and more time to yield results (and the chart provides estimates) you can do an auto-ship program with a $14.95 one month trial. For more information or to give InviCible a try, simply click on any of the InviCible images in this post, or on the banner at the top of every page on my site.

To see the results of my InviCible experiment click here.

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