Guided MeditationTwo of the most common misconceptions about meditation and visualization are that:

  1. You have to do it for a really long time for it to be effective
  2. You have to be “that” kind of person–super zen, outwardly spiritual, surrounded by gemstones and crystals

While it’s certainly beneficial to spend hours meditating or have a sacred space full of spiritual accoutrements, it’s definitely not mandatory–and you don’t need to *be* a certain way or not. Whoever you are, whatever you believe, you can benefit from even small doses of meditation and visualization, and often guided meditation and visualization exercise are a great way to add these practices to your life simply.

Today’s offering is a guided meditation to help you ground and connect.

It’s brief–less than 6 minutes–and is designed for anyone at any spiritual level or belief system. This is a meditation I often share with my clients, anytime they’re going through stressful times–especially for my busy moms or CEOs (who actually have a LOT in common!). During stressful times, it’s easy to feel “all over the place” or chaotic. When you’re working on something for someone else, whether it’s caring for children or tending to tasks and projects (or both!), it’s common to also feel unsupported and disconnected from who you really are and what your needs are personally.

I also recommend this meditation for my clients who are at the beginning stages of healing from a skin condition, and also for those who may have healed their physical condition but still experience the emotional and spiritual remnants. There’s a lot of fear, uncertainty, and insecurity associated with having a skin condition, and those same feelings of disconnect, lack of support, and chaos are common.

Enjoy this grounding, connecting, guided meditation here:

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Share your thoughts-2I’d love to know, did you find this brief guided meditation helpful?

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May you always have the peace that comes with feeling grounded and supported.

So it is.

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