Willpower. It seems like such an absolute, doesn’t it? You either have it or you don’t. It’s either weak or strong. I hear it all the time:

“Wow, you make all your own products? You must have serious willpower!”

“I know I should eat healthier and exercise but I just don’t have the willpower.”

“I think some people were just born with willpower and some weren’t.”

“If I had stronger willpower, I’d meditate every day.”

cb7110bb297343a6ca1730e5ecde7638_XLWell guess what–there’s much more to willpower than simply having it or not.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Exercise your willpower?” You can, and like with your physical body, it doesn’t take a huge commitment to any regimen to strengthen your willpower. Small, regular actions are actually more effective than large ordeals that you only do once in awhile.

All you really need is the desire to actually want change to happen.

You’ve also got to learn how to avoid self-sabotage and resistance which often creep up whenever we’re close to reaching a new level of health, spiritual evolution, or success. This often comes in the form of stress, and stress is a formidable foe.

My article, “Mind Over Matter,” in Dermascope Magazine discusses several simple ways you can learn to fight stress, burst past resistance, and strengthen your willpower in order to reach any goal you set for yourself.

Before you read “Mind Over Matter,” I want to leave you with a quote I first heard from my favorite Kundalini yoga instructor, Gloria Latham:

Comment Below“Your mind will quit before your body does.”

You alone have the power to change your mind and yes, increase your willpower. Hop on over to Dermascope and read the article now–and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

*Image 1 from Dermascope Magazine



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