Sauce Code manuscriptChef Joe and I are so excited that our first cookbook, project, The Sauce Code, will be published soon! The manuscript is finished and it’s now being edited and formatted for publication on all major e-book platforms. It will be available in print?in the?coming months too.

The main reason we wanted to write The Sauce Code, is that we wanted to give busy people?solutions to be able to add whole foods-based, homecooked foods to their diet on a regular basis. In addition to the seven super-versatile sauce combinations, we also offer tips on how to eat healthy on a budget and also on how to same time and plan ahead in the kitchen.

Sauce-y food budgeting tips:

One way people like to save money on food costs is to buy certain foods on sale. However, this might not always be the best idea…especially for certain foods. Here’s an excerpt from Component (our fancy word for “chapter”) One of The Sauce Code that explains this further:

One might advise looking for sales and clipping coupons, but what Rachael noticed when she began shopping for whole food ingredients is that the majority of coupons available are for packaged and processed foods. You won’t open a supermarket circular or the Sunday paper and find a coupon for a pound of organic apples or a bunch of local broccoli.??

Chef Joe says NEVER buy these foods on sale:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish

873168670_0956c2cb98_zHe also advises against buying those packages of pre-marinated meat and fish that appear so convenient since all you have to do is cook them. Why not, you might ask?

Joe: It?s not that you should NEVER buy animal proteins on sale or pre-marinated; just understand that they’re on sale or pre-marinated for a reason: because they’re nearing their expiration date and must be sold. If you plan on cooking them that night, it?s probably fine to buy them, but don’t buy them if you plan to freeze them or use them on a later date, because they will likely be spoiled when you open the package.

This tip might not matter to you if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, of course–but we like to cater to all dietary preferences with our tips 🙂

If you do eat meat or seafood, I know what you’re thinking:

What a bummer! Right? I know…meats, poultry, and seafood are expensive. My thoughts on the subject are that while some people benefit from eating animal foods, in general, we eat too much of them. If a particular type of animal food isn’t affordable or available one week, just don’t buy it. Make more vegetarian meals that particular week. It’s better to put on your creative thinking cap and come up with an alternative than it is to buy a less desirable or lower quality cut of meat or seafood.
Here's some gluten-free penne with our Sauce Code Pesto and a side salad served on a Himalayan salt slab (this isn't a photo from the book). Wait  'til you see the gorgeous photography in the will make your mouth water!

Here’s some gluten-free penne with our Sauce Code Pesto and a side salad served on a Himalayan salt slab (this isn’t a photo from the book). Wait ’til you see the gorgeous photography in the book…it will make your mouth water!

The Sauce Code sauces offer such a wide variety of flavor that even a plain bowl of brown rice or pasta can be made into a tasty, satisfying, vegetarian or vegan entree. Sure you can add meat, poultry, or seafood…but it’s not necessary. You most certainly can add a big salad though…with a Sauce Code sauce used for dressing!

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming book, The Sauce Code!?

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*Image 2 credit:?”Marinated” by lmnop88a

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