Ever feel like you just need to cool down??Sometimes what makes us feel hot exists around us in our environment like hot weather, and other times we retain heat because of other factors.

BEACH-5There are many reasons we hold heat in our bodies, and sometimes those reasons have little to do with our environment or other common heating factors like spicy foods or drinking hot beverages. Sometimes we’re just hot by nature! Both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine teach that we each have our own unique constitutions. These constitutions, whether Ayurvedic doshas or Chinese elements, have a lot to do with how much heat and/or moisture our bodies naturally hold. These constitutions ebb and flow with the seasons of the year and are affected by what we eat, as well as our emotions; but truth be told some people are just more prone to retain heat, even when the weather is cold.

It’s important to temper the heat in the body and the skin, because too much heat can interfere with our body’s metabolic processes, and can potentially lead to inflammation and imbalance in the body which may manifest on the skin as a skin condition like rosacea, eczema, or acne.

If you’ve got a naturally fiery constitution, it’s often helpful to eat and drink cooling foods and drinks–especially in the summer or after a workout–and you can also help temper excessive heat in the skin with your topical skincare regimen. My favorite way to cool the skin–and the mood–is to?use?skincare products which contain naturally cooling and hydrating botanical ingredients.

Try my?simple “Cool as a Cucumber DIY Facial Toner recipe:

cool-as-a-cucumber-DIY-facial-tonerIngredients and Supplies:

  • 40 ml aloe vera gel (click HERE?to learn to safely make your own)
  • 40 ml infusion of organic green tea (double strength)
  • 40 ml organic cucumber hydrosol
  • 24 ml 80 proof (or higher) alcohol (vodka, brandy, whisky, rum are all fine)
  • One 4 oz/120 ml dark glass bottle with spray pump top

Add all ingredients into mixing container and whisk together until you achieve a uniform consistency. Pour into bottle, close top. Store in a cool, dry place, and use within 3 months.

You can use this toner daily after cleansing in your morning and evening skincare regimens, or anytime you feel you need to cool or hydrate.

Watch me create this DIY facial toner here:

If you want to learn to make more all-natural (and shelf-stable) skincare products and customize them for your skin, check out my online course, Create Your Skincare.?Our next semester begins soon!


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