Holistically Haute?, also known as my “third child”, is growing up. She’s blossoming, and changing, and has developed quite a mind of her own. The process of writing has created her, and has nurtured her to become the person she’s on her way to becoming, and it continues to do so.

She started out as a fledgling holistic skincare blog.?

I wish I had taken a screenshot of what she looked like back then…but I didn’t actually know how to take a screenshot back then. Yes…I know. Sigh…

She then grew into a skincare and wellness blog. She then led her mommy (moi) on the amazing path of nutrition…during which time her skin miraculously cleared up and she lost 80 pounds. On this journey, her purpose in life started to appear…first as a fuzzy mirage off into the distance, which slowly became clearer. Holistically Haute’s growth into a business providing top quality, super healthy, and all natural products; as well as coaching services and programs that offer guidance, support, education, positive energy, and empowerment to her clients helped her grow into a solid, beautiful flowering tree. I thank you all so much for accompanying me (and my baby) as I continue to ride this wave and go with the flow.

What’s next?

I’ve got lofty goals for Holistically Haute for the near future as well as a 5 year plan. I have a wonderful team in place now and my vision is crystal clear. I am going to continue doing what I love, which is writing, sharing amazing information on Facebook and Twitter, producing my incredible (and FREE) monthly webinar series, working with clients in person and via phone or Skype, teaching classes and giving presentations to small and large audiences…and now…drumroll please…I’m writing a book!

Writing a book has been a longstanding goal of mine (duh…I am a writer after all…I know 😉 and I’ve decided the time to start is now. I’ve been mulling over what to write about for too long…it’s time to just start writing. I’ve been hugely and incredibly inspired by my dear and longtime friend, Manoj S. Abraham, whose recently published first children’s book, Sam’s Three What-Ifs, has become a bestseller on Apple.

I adore this book so much because although it is a kids’ book, the message is universal. It teaches that instead of focusing on material things, trying to become someone or something in order to please others, or modeling one’s life after an ideal that simply doesn’t exist; one should simply focus on being authentic: honest, giving, and kind to others–and I believe to oneself as well. Anyway, if Manoj can deliver his message so beautifully to the world through his book, then so can I.
So I started it today.?

Literally. I came up with my working title and subtitle and came up with the overall theme. I know what you’re thinking…clearly I have a book already right on this site! I have actually written approximately 538,500 words on Holistically Haute alone…not to mention work I’ve written for other websites and magazines. That actually translates to about twenty-seven 100 page 8 by 10 books. All in 27 months. Yikes! Well my book is not going to be an anthology of blog posts…can you imagine the amount of time it would take to go through all of those posts and references and attempt to organize them into chapters and some kind of order? It seriously would take less time and energy to write a whole new book!

I am so excited about this, and I am counting on all of you to help me stay on track. You’re all officially members of my team: my accountability team. I still haven’t decided if I am going to do a little every day or if I am going to go at this like a mad weekend warrior and just bust out a first draft and worry about the editing and fine-tuning later (I’m kind of leaning in this direction). Either way, I am asking all of you to ask me how it’s going. You can send me emails, ask me on Facebook or Twitter (heck, even ask me on Linked In), or leave me comments below.

Whew! It feels so great to set this goal as an intention and also to know I have such an amazing team to ask for support and feedback…we all need cheerleaders and coaches from time to time, right? So I will update you with my progress and if you don’t see a post about the book here for awhile please ask me about it! We all need a little tough love sometimes too.

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