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Wonderful, Helpful Book

“Rachael’s book delivers the real goods on feeling beautiful from the inside out. I’ve not only seen real improvements in my skin, but also in my attitude. Her book is a fun, easy read with great tips I’ve never read before. Buy it; you’ll love it…and yourself…and your skin.

Want to know which ingredients are best for YOUR skin? Find out in my 2-part e-book system!

Part 1: Find Your Synergistic Skin Combination

This 12-page interactive workbook will help you understand your skin in a whole new way, and figure out exactly what your combination is.

Once you know your combination, a whole new way of looking at your skin will open to you; and then you’ll be able to take the next steps to figure out what your best regimen will be to give you the skin you want for life.

Part 2: Discover Your Ingredient Profile

Once you’ve determined your Synergistic Skin Combination (best to complete that workbook before purchasing this one), it’s time to choose the best ingredients for that combination. In this step-by-step digital workbook, you’ll learn:

  • What roles different types of ingredients play within a skincare formulation.
  • Which ingredients most benefit different inherent skin types and skin goals in an easy-to-digest format
  • How to use your Synergistic Skin Combination to choose the best ingredients.
  • Which ingredients to start with if you want to make your own products OR which ingredients to look for on product labels to best benefit your skin
  • How to use Ingredient Profiles whether you already make products for your clients, or work with an existing skincare brand
  • And more!

Buy both books together and save!

5-Star Cuisine

“After reading Rachael’s first book I was eager to hear what she was cooking up with her husband. The Sauce Code is the perfect compliment to any kitchen. If you’re like me quick fix meals rule the weekday menus and sometimes that means food can come out missing that simple oomph of pizazz. Working The Sauce Code recipes into my household favorites is going to bring down the house every time. Thank you Rachael and Joe for showing us just how easy good, clean and healthy food can be to create, taste and enjoy. You’ve got me dusting off the apron and back in the kitchen!

– Richard Merrill

Wow…talk about a ton of information! You really dished a lot out here…great information and very pertinent. I like the writing style as well. It’s warm and friendly, and not judgmental. Very nice.
Manoj Abraham

The Sauce Code

Is finding time to prepare flavorful, healthy home-cooked meals on a regular basis a mystery to you? Do you wish you knew more about how to make your favorite go-to meals more exciting? Are you sick of spending too much time and money on food that doesn’t get eaten and kitchen gadgets never use?

The Sauce Code is your key to unlocking new and exciting flavors in your favorite, tried and true meals. This book will teach you how preparing and storing simple, healthy, multi-purpose sauces can:

  • Save money on weekly meals
  • Reduce stress surrounding weekly meal planning
  • Give even your pickiest eaters something they’ll love without running the risk of turning into a short order cook, and
  • Breathe new life into your most tried and true meals

You’ll also learn realistic it is to prepare convenient, versatile home-cooked meals without having to spend a lot of time cooking every single day.

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