Interview with Anne Nordhaus-BikeAstrology is topic loaded with preconceived notions. Some people live their lives by it, others dabble in it for fun, others consider it too “woo woo” or “out there” to have any validity or practical uses in real life. In today’s Spiritual Skincare Sundays offering, I encourage you to broaden your thinking about astrology–especially in terms of its uses for health and wellness, and specifically, your skin.

I’m going to start out with total honesty–when astrologer and artist, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, first expressed interest in talking to me about astrology’s place in skin health, I was skeptical. I’ve always liked astrology, and have started utilizing it more for planning purposes, but much of it is still new to me. The idea of astrology as a mind-body-spirit healing system was completely new to me–but since I’ve had great experiences with other mind-body-spirit systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, I was very interested to learn more.

Astrology isn’t just about horoscopes-it’s about life.

Horoscope_imageIt’s about our lives on this planet, at this time, and about our places in the Universe and in time. It’s about how our individual bodies react and respond to Universal influences and nature as well, and though these concepts might seem deep, the practice of astrology itself is actually quite practical.

In today’s interview, Anne Nordhaus-Bike talks to us about how each astrological sign under which we were born is attributed to a different element and season-much like the doshas in Ayurveda or elements of TCM. Different elements and seasons have different characteristics, as do skin conditions, and other ailments, and each element or season also has a balancing or pacifying counterpart. It also has a season or element that makes matter worse if imbalance exists. So in this way, astrology really can be interpreted as the mind-body-spirit healing system of Western Philosophy–which for many Westerners, might be more accessible and practical than TCM or Ayurveda.

Watch Anne Nordhaus-Bike’s explanation of how astrology affects the skin:

About Anne:

Anne Nordhaus-Bike March 2016 eventAnne Nordhaus-Bike is an award-winning artist, astrologer, and journalist. She also has decades of corporate communication experience with clients including many Fortune 500 firms. She founded her own firm, ANB Communications, in 1993. Today, she blends her business savvy and spiritual smarts to provide a holistic, innovative approach in delivering communication and team building solutions for executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs. She is a frequent guest on WGN Radio in Chicago and serves on the board of the Gazette Chicago newspaper. She also served on the board for Democratic Leadership For The 21st Century- Chicago (DL21C) as recruitment chair and on the communications committee. The recipient of numerous communication awards throughout her career, she was honored by the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY, which added her to its “Wall Of Fame.”

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*Image 2 by Aadishakti-astrology (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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