Happy Earth Day!

How will you celebrate the Earth?s beauty and bounty today?? Here are some easy things that everyone in the family can do to learn about the importance of celebrating, and conserving the Earth.

1.?? Do something outside.??

Even if you live in an urban area, I?m sure there is a garden, nature trail, or park you can visit.? The winter season and its crop killing frost are gone in many areas of our country.? This is a great day to plant some flowers, vegetables, herbs, or even trees.? Teach your children about the importance of green areas and plants, as well as about where food comes from. Outdoor plants help to lower greenhouse gas emissions and filter out air pollution, and the larger ones provide habitats for a variety of other plants and animals.

2.??? Recycle.?

I know (hope) almost everyone does recycle by now, but I think its importance should be discussed not just here, but also at home.? Children need to know how important it is to recycle. Have them make piles of old coloring books, homework papers, magazines, newspapers?any paper lying around the house.? Cans, plastic, and glass can all be recycled.? Refer to your local guidelines for separating the different items.? Many towns and cities offer reward programs for recycling.? My township uses Recyclebank?.? I get points every week based on the weight of my recyclables. I have redeemed for free magazine subscriptions, coupons and savings from many local stores and companies, etc.? I recycled before this program came along, but now I go out of my way to find other things to recycle that I might not have looked twice at before.

3.??? Try a green skin/personal care or household cleaning product line.??

There are many eco-beauty product lines out there that specialize in sustainably-sourced all natural and organic products.? They use minimal and recyclable packaging, and green manufacturing practices.? More and more experts are confirming that products containing chemicals are just not healthy for us in our bodies or in our homes.? If they are not healthy for us, you can bet they are not good for the environment. ?Even better: make your own!

4.??? Cook a meal from scratch.?

With real food.? That doesn?t come in a box, a can, a tube, or have to be defrosted.? Treat yourself and your family to fresh, local organic produce and whole grains, and if you eat meat, buy either organic or all natural (free range, grass fed) and locally sourced meats.? Try seasoning your meal with fresh herbs.? There are so many quick and inexpensive recipes available online for natural and organic home cooked meals.? Go out to the market and pick up an ingredient you?ve never tried before to incorporate into your meal.? You never know, you just might surprise yourself!

5.??? Do your part and help clean up your community.??

While you are spending your Earth Day fun time outdoors at a local park, garden, or nature trail; or even if you are taking a walk around the block, look around and check for litter.? Especially around picnic areas.? Bring a reusable grocery bag with you and pick up any old cans, bottles, food wrappers, napkins, juice boxes, etc. that you see on the ground or in the plants.? Have the kids help out, and invite their friends to join them.

There are tons of other ways to celebrate Mother Earth.? Get creative and think of things you can do at home, at work, and everywhere else; small changes you can make not just today, but every day to help make sure future generations can enjoy the beauty and wonders of Planet Earth.

Do you have some great Earth Day activities??

Share them in the comments!

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