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Hey there.

I’m Rachael Pontillo, and I show women how to look their best and love who they are through skincare, self-care, and soul care.

People see me now, and often compliment my appearance–especially my skin. They tell me how important my work is, how it’s affected them personally, and praise me for having the confidence to put myself out there. I’ve received the warmest of hugs, the firmest of handshakes, and been applauded for having the courage to write books, go on camera or onstage, and speak my truth by people who have attended my classes, talks, and book signings. I am very grateful–and to be honest, still a little amazed.

Here’s something I want you to know about me. It wasn’t always this way at all. And I’ve been through some dark stuff.

For the majority of my life I allowed acne and low self-confidence dictate my reality. I also experienced serious weight gain and weight loss and all the emotional junk that comes with that. I let it get in the way of finding true health, happiness, and purpose in life.

Until the day I decided that I was done.

That it wasn’t the life I wanted. So I made a few changes–changes that ultimately cleared my skin, skyrocketed my self-confidence and self-worth, and propelled my dreams of happiness and living my life purpose into action.

Rachael’s knowledge is very broad: Skincare, nutrition, coaching, business, yoga. She beautifully taps into her own experience and how she was able to overcome her own challenges. She knows how it is because she’s been there, and that makes it real.

-Andrina Tisi, Wholelicious, Zurich, Switzerland

Here’s a secret:

I never planned to do what I do for a living.


But when I saw how dramatically–and quickly–my life got really friggin’ great, I couldn’t keep it to myself.

Because every time I’d see another girl, woman, mother, or even grandmother put her head down, keep her mouth shut, or hide because she didn’t feel beautiful, confident, or worthy–that healing part of my Self would start to hurt all over again. I realized that my calling is to help them. To help them as I helped myself. To continue to help myself by helping them.

Which is what brings us here today.

I know you’re stressed. I know you’re overwhelmed. I know you feel like the harder you try, the more resistance you face. But I promise you–with a little faith, an open mind, and a whole lot of woman power, we will get this done together.


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