Which Costs More, Prevention or Disease?

Which Costs More, Prevention or Disease?

Every now and then I get sent different articles, videos, infographics, and other materials from different bloggers, companies, and writers asking if I I’d consider publishing it on Holistically Haute™, or sharing it on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Sometimes the material is really good and relevant stuff that I think you all would find value in, other times it is just not the right fit for HH or my social media networks.

The most recent submission came from a blog called Frugal Dad, and is an infographic entitled The Cost of Getting the Flu. Considering how much controversy there is surrounding flu vaccines and how many people get struck by different strains of the flu each year, I thought it was definitely worth sharing with you.

You all know I am a huge believer in prevention of disease over mere treatment of disease. I always try to encourage and educate people on how to strengthen their own bodies’ and their childrens’ bodies’ immune systems naturally by eating nutrient dense, whole, organic foods; getting enough physical activity and rest; and managing stress. I get several emails and comments from people asking how it is possible to achieve this type of prevention-oriented lifestyle in the stressful, busy, economically-challenged world we live in. In fact, a huge part of the work I do with my health coaching clients revolves around finding strategies and solutions to fit this type of lifestyle into their lives so that it becomes a natural and permanent part of their lives.

Yes, healthy and organic/local whole foods cost more than the packaged, processed, and fast “foods” made by robots in factories with chemically-based and genetically modified ingredients; but check out the graphic below, then ask yourself this:

Which ultimately costs more: preventing disease or actually getting the disease? 


Of course this graphic only refers to the flu, but I really feel it applies to many of the diseases that affect people’s abilities to live, work, raise healthy families, and achieve a high quality of life. One of the great lessons I’ve learned throughout my ongoing education is that the body is designed to heal itself if it is given what it needs in order to do so. I can tell you from personal and professional experience that this is true. Since we’ve made healthy changes in our household, my kids have not had a sick visit to the doctor in over a year and my husband’s allergies have drastically improved. I got sick only twice (it used to be a lot more than that), and found that rest, tea with honey, proper hydration, and good old-fashioned chicken soup worked much better than the medicines I was prescribed (which I attempted to take and they only made me sicker).

Anyway, this graphic is great and I think it illustrates my point probably better than I could have written it, so enjoy it and share this post with your friends and family members. Thanks to Frugal Dad!

Cost of the Flu Infographic
Source: FrugalDad.com

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