I typically love all things DIY, especially when it comes to skincare. I even teach a course called Create Your Skincare, where my students learn to create and customize complete regimens for their unique skin’s needs–well, almost complete, I should say. You see, I teach just about every type of product you’d ever want or need in your skincare regimen–except sunscreen.

It seems crazy to not teach DIY sunscreen, doesn’t it?

9063350977_775e30b88d_kI know! And trust me, I’d love to be able to teach it–but the problem is that there are a lot of issues surrounding SPF and sunscreen ingredients. It does seem like an easy solution to simply avoid the chemical sunscreen ingredients that have been linked to toxicity by choosing natural ones like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are readily available from popular online cosmetic ingredient suppliers. There’s also the idea that there are several natural oils and substances known to have their own naturally occurring levels of SPF–couldn’t we just use those in a DIY product?

While some DIY bloggers might tell you that this is OK, I’m telling you that it’s not OK. Not only is it not OK, it’s downright dangerous. And not only is it dangerous, it might be considered illegal since sunscreens are classified as the FDA as drugs, and SPF or any sun protection or sunburn/skin cancer prevention are considered health claims. That’s just not my zone as a skincare formulator and educator, since skincare is considered cosmetics, not drugs.

Read more about the dangers of DIY sunscreen in my latest article for Green Beauty Team

4745212376_70ba87ee2b_bClick HERE to read “Don’t Get Burned: Why DIY Sunscreen is Not Safe.”

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*Image 1 credit The Dabblist. Image 2 credit Jordan Fisher.

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