Survival Overdrive Syndrome: Why it Affects Woman More Than Men

Survival Overdrive Syndrome: Why it Affects Woman More Than Men

You’re running late. You’re waiting for a load of laundry to finish washing so you can switch it to the dryer and leave in time to make it to your appointment only 10 minutes late (that’s acceptable, right?)

You’re getting messages from people asking you questions that you don’t have time to answer right now. You stare at the kitchen sink and the small pile of dishes taunts you.

You are in over your head, and you just want to go to bed.

And it turns out you’re not alone, and what you’re experiencing may fall under the category of what Dr. Aviva Romm calls Survival Overdrive Syndrome (SOS). And no, it’s not simply what happens after you more or less neglect your chores and other responsibilities for a few days–it’s something that manifests in your body and can have real symptoms.

What is Survival Overdrive Syndrome?

Survival Overdrive SyndromeLet’s pause, because I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only new ‘syndrome’ or ‘disorder’ you’ve learned about in the last few years. Explanations for what’s wrong with us are in no short supply, so before we tell your inner hypochondriac to come out and play, let’s talk about who Aviva is and why she wrote a book on this phenomenon.

Aviva was seeing patients who all had similar symptoms. Patient after patient came to her reporting chronic overwhelm and chronic fatigue — physically, emotionally, even spiritually.

Did she anticipate that her practice was going to become focused on thyroid and adrenal problems? No, but when she saw woman after woman showing irregularities in their cortisol levels, adrenaline byproduct levels (yep, these can be measured medically), as well as thyroid issues, she realized that a revolution was needed. Women needed to have doctors on their side, helping them get their bodies back to normal.

And when I say ‘women,’ that’s what I mean.

Why is Survival Overdrive Syndrome a female issue?

Two of the systems that are most affected by SOS are the adrenal and thyroid because these control your mood, hormones, inflammation, immunity, energy, weight, willpower, blood sugar balance, cholesterol, sleep, and a host of other bodily functions. Once these systems malfunction, you experience a unique combination of systems and even diagnosable medical illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and heart disease, all of which have medically provable origins in SOS.

Hashimoto’s disease is a condition where your immune system attacks your thyroid. It overwhelmingly affects women. In fact there is an overarching gender bias when it comes to issues with fatigue, overwhelm, adrenal, thyroid, and autoimmune issues.

In my interview with Aviva below, she talks about some interesting statistics when it comes to women, relationships, and stress. She even explains a trend whereby women in a certain type of relationship are more likely to get divorced. But in general, women feel social and relationship stress more than men. In fact, when a male tells his partner about a stressful day he’s had, her cortisol levels go up more than his! She literally feels his pain.

Watch my video below to learn more about this and more from Dr. Aviva Romm:

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Aviva consistently saw women afflicted by this constant stress — not just relationship stress, but work stress, stress from waiting in traffic, stress from trying to be the best mom, stress from trying to be beautiful, and look effortless, and keep the house immaculate. And of course, to do all of these things at once. Because that’s what’s expected of women today.

Women today have the opportunity to do it all, and the burden of doing it all. We are rocking it in our careers while being supermoms, and still feeling obligated to make dazzling meals from scratch, look stylish and put together, and keep a house worth photographing for a magazine.

So what we’re dealing with is an amount of chronic stress that is draining our bodies. Our bodies essentially go into ‘survival mode,’ whereby we conserve energy. We divert energy away from other important things that need to be happening, such as producing thyroid hormones. Our cognitive function may slow down. Our immune system may be affected. This is why so many women now suffer from SOS, and are far more likely to develop debilitating autoimmune diseases than men.

So where’s our prescription?

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution by Dr. Aviva RommWell, if it was that easy, Aviva probably wouldn’t have written a whole book about it. Lucky for us, she did! The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution outlines a blueprint you can use to get your body back on track. Dr. Aviva has identified the root of this pernicious syndrome and through research and clinical work with tens of thousands of patients has created a drug-free program (hint: it starts with food!).

The results start immediately and within two weeks you lose excess weight, discover increased energy, sleep better, and so much more. The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution is a true advancement in women’s health.

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aviva-head-shotAbout Dr. Aviva Romm:

Referred to as “the face of natural medicine in the 21st century” by Prevention Magazine and one of the 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by Mind Body Green, and founding board member of Yale Integrative Medicine, Aviva Romm is a Yale-trained, board-certified MD, midwife, and herbalist with a specialty in women’s health.

Her new book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution provides a groundbreaking blueprint for women to take back their health by understanding the root causes of imbalance.

She also happens to be an herbalist, midwife, and mother of 4!

Connect with Aviva HERE.

Does Survival Overdrive Syndrome sound familiar to you? 

Please share your experience in the comments below!

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