Paid Sick Days? Yes Please!

Paid Sick Days? Yes Please!

If you’ve been reading HH for a long time, you may recall an article or two I’ve written about the importance of keeping sick kids home from school, and not going to work while sick.

There are several reasons for this: 
  • Preventing the unnecessary spreading of pathogenic organisms (AKA cooties or germs)
  • When people are sick they need to rest and take good care of themselves in order to heal–this includes reducing stress! Going to work while sick does not allow people to rest, reduce stress, or take adequate care of themselves which will just prolong the illness.
  • Sick people are not productive and don’t have the ability to concentrate as well!

So going to work sick spreads germs, interferes with the body’s ability to heal, and is really quite useless since tasks won’t get done to the best of one’s ability. I always recommend that people just call in sick, give their bodies plenty of rest and TLC, and return to work when the cooties are gone.

I know that most people don’t want to go to work sick (except for those super overachieving work-a-holics out there). Unfortunately, many people feel that they have to, whether the company offers paid sick days/flex time or not. Many companies that offer paid sick days strongly imply that no one is actually meant to USE them, so employees fear that using a paid sick day could result in negative action or even loss of employment. People who don’t get paid sick days often would rather just get all hopped up on over-the-counter cold medications and suffer for a day or two than sacrifice the pay. In this tough economy, many individuals and families simply cannot afford even one day with no pay.

So the only solution in my mind is for companies to offer a number paid sick days or flex days, and actually make it OK for employees to take them when they need them. The following infographic clearly illustrates the problems caused by sick people going to work, and provides a solid argument in favor for paid sick days. Check it out:

Infecting the Workplace: Why We Should Get Paid Sick Days

Sick Days Infographic

What do you think? 


If you agree that companies should be required to offer employees a set number of paid sick days without any chance of negative action or repercussion when they actually need to use them, please “Like”, tweet, pin, email, +1, or otherwise share this post with your network.

*Thanks to MastersInHealthCare.com for this great infographic.

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