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Waxing.  Not something I was looking forward to learning about or doing at all when I started school.  I just didn’t find the topic of hair removal interesting in any way, shape, or form.  When we did the hair removal chapter in our textbook, I hardly made it through.  The hair growth cycle, the difference between depilation and epilation, the anatomy of the hair follicle, hard wax vs. soft wax…YAWN.  All of this made me think “I hope I can find a job that doesn’t make me do waxing.”  Not likely, since waxing is a very lucrative spa and salon service, that is increasing in popularity.  So I figured I’d better just get through this chapter.

Now, before I started school, I had never had anything waxed other than my eyebrows at the local nail salon.  I had always just shaved.  It had become such a part of my routine, I never thought about having my legs waxed, or anything else for that matter.  It just didn’t seem like big enough of a deal to me. And of course the rumored pain associated with it helped keep me away.  That scene from “40 Year Old Virgin” comes to mind…

So then came the time for the demonstration.  Unfortunately, at that time, no one had any body parts that needed to be waxed except arms.  Our brave model (Ms. B doesn’t like the term “guinea pig”) took a seat on the table and braced herself.  Ms. B applied the wax at the wrist, demonstrating the proper angle to hold the stick, how thick to apply the wax, the direction to apply it…took the strip and pressed it down…and riiiiip…”KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!”  Ms. B showed us the strip, now with hair stuck to it. The whole room chorused “oooh…do it again!” Our brave model was not happy.  She became immediately flushed and flustered and looked for a way to escape.  But she couldn’t.  After all, this was for educational purposes.  So she squeezed her eyes shut, gritted her teeth, and got ready for the next pull…and for the next 20 minutes you would have thought she was giving birth to a 12 pound baby with no epidural.  One arm was done.

We compared the two arms and chorused “aaaahh…like a baby’s behind!”  Our model, however, had had enough and was ready to walk, but we blocked the door and insisted that she could not go home with one arm still hairy.  Another 20 minutes of sheer agony (for the model) passed by.  I hate to admit it but we laughed our heinies off.  Not just at the fact that she was in so much pain (because that’s MEAN)…more at the fact that after each rip pull, Ms. B smacked her right where she pulled.  “To help ease the pain”, she said.  So it was an evening of RIP, SMACK, SCREAM.  But our model survived.  And believe it or not, the hair did not grow back for nearly two months.  Five months later, it is still nowhere near as thick as it was.  Of course our model never volunteered again.  And when it came time for her to wax someone else, she must have had flashbacks of her own experience because she got the vapors.

Now before you waxing virgins swear off ever being waxed because of this story, just know that this reaction was not the norm.  Everyone else in the class had arms, legs, underarms, and faces waxed in later demonstrations and no one else was in that much pain, myself included.  And the more you have it done, the less uncomfortable it gets.

Now waxing has turned into an odd fascination for me, and I must confess I have become addicted to it. I get it done at school whenever the opportunity presents itself, and I also do it at home.

As it turns out, there are lots of things to talk about when it comes to waxing, and I plan to post more about it in the future.

If you have never been waxed before, you should definitely give it a try to see what you are missing.  Two words of advice:  One…go to a place that actually specializes in waxing, because the more skilled the technician is, the more comfortable you will be, and the better the results will be.  Two…start with a small area, like the brow or upper lip.  That way, if you think it is too painful, at least it will be over quickly.

Have any funny (or not so funny) waxing adventures to share?  Comment away!

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