I did it!!!!!!!!

I did it!!!!!!!! Now what?

Making the decision to embark on a health journey is hard. Especially in these times of processed this, and packaged that–when people focus more time and energy on living to work than working to live.

Then something happens. Maybe it’s a personal health crisis like a sudden weight gain or disease, or maybe you’ve watched someone you know suffer through their own health crisis. You realize you don’t want the quality of your life to be dictated by a condition, and you decide to take matters in your own hands. You do some reading, watch some TV doctor shows, try some diets, maybe even hire a coach or nutritionist–or even go back to school to learn more about nutrition like I did.

You achieve your goals. You arrive at the destination of your health journey.

You look and feel better than ever before in your life, and you wonder why you waited long to allow yourself to feel this good. Your diet is perfect, your fitness regime is on point (or maybe it’s en pointe:) ), you’re doing your journaling and visualizations, you are the epitome of zen. You laugh in the face of your former sugar cravings, shun alcohol, and relish in your early bedtimes. Who needs Netflix? You are a binge-watcher no more.

Then something else happens. Maybe something disrupts your new Rain Man-like routine like a trip or a houseguest. Maybe you fall off the wagon for a day. Or three. Maybe you get in an “if I see another green smoothie or veggie stir-fry, I’m gonna hurl”-type food rut. Maybe you just get bored. It happens. That’s why as hard as it is to GET healthy, it’s that much harder to STAY healthy.

You can’t travel the same health journey twice.

Interview with Trish WardAfter you’ve been off the wagon for a bit, you realize that you feel like crap like you used to. Maybe you’ve gained a bit of weight back. Maybe your skin’s former clear luminousness has been replaced with blackheads and red splotches. You think “no worries–I’ve done this before, I can do it again. I’ve got this.”

So you jump back on the familiar road of your tried and true health journey, ready to go again. Except you don’t. The feelings of boredom and “I don’t wanna” quickly return, and you quit before you even really start again.

Why is this? Because you’ve already arrived at the destination of this particular health journey. It’s over. You can’t go back and do it again, because it’s the same but you are now different. That’s the part the health gurus (well most of them) don’t tell you about as they’re singing the praises of their new diet, book, shake, etc.

Well we’re gonna talk about it today. Here’s the thing…

You have to start a new health journey.

This can be scary! And again, hard. And lots of “selfs” will get in the way: self-sabotage, self-doubt, self-loathing, self-confidence (lack thereof). The good news is that there are ways around all that. In fact, there are ways around the initial feelings of blech that make some people fall off the path of their first journey before they reach the end in the first place.

In today’s podcast episode, integrative health coach and functional nutritionist, Trish Ward and I will help you move past those “self” issues, so you can figure out what your next step is in your own personal health journey.

Give it a listen:

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T2About Trish Ward:

Trish M. Ward is an Integrated Holistic Health Coach & Functional Nutritionist whose mission it is to help women create time for their health journeys and have permission to be and feel amazing in their own bodies. She believes that total wellness integrates both Soul & Science. She has helped hundreds of others get their physiology on track and their lifestyles back in check. She finds great joy in guiding others to optimal health.
Visit Trish online at www.trishmward.com and click HERE to take her free 14-day Smoothie Challenge.

Are you struggling with your own skin or health journey?

Don’t go it alone. Get in touch with a practitioner like Trish, or myself to get the support you need to reach your goals, and continue questing once you’ve reached one destination.

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