It’s That Time Again…Save the Date for Spa Week!

It’s That Time Again…Save the Date for Spa Week!

Those of you who have been reading Holistically Haute™ for some time now may remember that I helped Spa Week Daily celebrate Spa Week last April. For those of you who are new readers or don’t know, Spa Week is probably one of the best opportunities out there to experience the most sought after (and usually expensive) spa services offered by some of the best spas in North America for just $50.

That’s right.

For one week this fall, October 10th to 16th, you will have the opportunity to experience wonderful, relaxing, and rejuvenating spa services like massages, facials, body wraps…even some expensive medi-spa services like microdermabrasion, peels, injectables, and laser treatments (if those services are your cup of tea) for just $50 per service at a spa near you. There are even yoga and Pilates studios and other types of holistic health and wellness centers that offer this special price for their classes and consultations. As always, Spa Week works with some of the most prominent, trusted names in the industry and is responsible for educating spa-goers on how to incorporate specific treatments into their lifelong health regimens.

During Spa Week, all participating spas and wellness centers will offer two or three of their most popular and exclusive services at this discounted price.

The economy is still making affording certain luxuries challenging; but at just $50 per service, you can give yourself or someone you care about a long-awaited and well deserved treat. You can even use this discounted price as a chance to make a day of it and try several different services at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

I’m in! Where do I sign up?

Mark the date September 12, 2011 on your calendar, because that is the day that booking for Spa Week’s signature $50 services begins. On that day, the directory of more than 1,000 participating spas and their $50 treatments goes live on SpaWeek.com. You have to act fast, because Spa Week books up FAST. Often, a spa will book up just hours after SpaWeek.com launches on September 12th. Make sure you sign up in advance and book your appointments as soon as you can on September 12.

Don’t worry, as a member of Spa Week’s Hot Mom Spa Squad (love the badge) I take my job very seriously…heehee.

I’ll remind you again just before September 12. I just wanted to give you enough advance notice so you can mark your calendars.

Want to give someone a great gift? Give the Gift of Wellness – Shop SpaWeek.com

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