More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of treating skin issues like aging from the inside out with proper nutrition, hydration, and supplementation; not just from the outside in with topical skin care products.

More and more skin care professionals, even dermatologists and other MDs, are pointing to diet and lifestyle choices as likely causes of these disorders as well.  Often, simple diet and lifestyle changes can make a world of difference.

We need to treat the skin on the inside with proper nutrition, hydration, and supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Whole foods are the best source of these vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but most people do not get enough of them in their diets.

Those of us who have a lot of undermanaged stress in our lives need more supplementation, because stress allows more free radicals to invade the body.  These supplements will help the immune system fight these free radicals and reduce inflammation, so the body can focus more on growing and regenerating healthy cells.

Treating the skin on the inside is only half the battle.  Nutrients taken internally are distributed and absorbed first by all of the body’s internal organs and systems.  The skin is the last in line, so it does not receive as much of the nutrition or hydration.  This is why it is important to use skin care products topically that contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, along with a water binding ingredient like glycerin, aloe, or hyaluronic acid.

If you have dry skin, live in a dry climate, or it is winter (any skin type), it is a good idea to use a product that also contains an emollient (fatty or lipidic ingredient) to trap in those vitamins and moisture, and push them into the deeper layers of the skin.

Many people think that topically applied products do not get absorbed into the skin enough to make a difference, but this is not true.  If the product is correctly formulated with high enough concentrations of the correct high quality ingredients, up to 60% of them will be absorbed into the skin.

If you treat your skin from the inside out and the outside in, you will notice a huge difference in your entire body.  You will have more energy, be happier, possibly lose weight, and be less likely to get sick.  And your skin will simply glow.

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