Lavender might be my favorite herb, but rose is definitely my favorite flower. I love looking at them, receiving them, smelling them, and I definitely love using them in my apothecary skincare products. Beyond their beauty, glorious aroma, and their ability to add love into any situation, roses also have many therapeutic uses for the mind, body, and particularly for the skin.

While the most precious essential oil is steam distilled from the petals of the rose–in huge amounts too, which is why even a small amount is very costly–there are other more affordable rose ingredients available. I particularly enjoy using pure rose water or rose hydrosol (another product of the steam distillation process) as a facial toner and refresher, as well as to spray on my pillowcase or in my meditation space.

The rose petals often get the most attention…

…but in truth, the most benefit comes from rose hips, Rose hips are extremely high in Vitamin C (higher even than citrus fruits), essential fatty acids, as well as other nutrients. Rose hip seed oil makes a beautiful carrier oil in anti-aging and anti-inflammatory skincare preparations, and rose hips themselves make a delicious tea with many benefits including improved digestion. I planted my first rose bush late last summer and look forward to its first blooms this spring, and rose hips later in the season. I’ll be sure to share photos once I have them.

I recently had an article, called “Refine and Restore with Rose“, published in Dermascope Magazine. Dermascope is one of the leading aesthetics trade journals and I have the privilege of being a regular contributing author. I found some great information about the history of the aromatic and therapeutic uses of roses and rose hips for this article and I am happy to share it with you.

I also included a recipe for my Refining and Rejuvenating Rose Mask, that anyone can make and use at home. All ingredients for this recipe are available at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Please enjoy the article and recipe here:
Refine and Restore with Rose

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