dermascope240x400article1013_pontilloI am beyond grateful to have been asked to write the featured article in the October 2013 issue of Dermascope Magazine–one of the best aesthetics and spa trade journals in the industry. I love writing for Dermascope because the magazine offers so many different viewpoints of what good aesthetics and spa really is…many trade magazines are more slanted towards medical aesthetics products and treatments (which is just not my thing). Dermascope certainly offers that perspective to those who choose to practice that way, but they also recognize the value of the holistic perspective–incorporating healthy diet, positive attitude and lifestyle choices, and also information about the non-invasive, natural skin techniques, ingredients, and products.

Though these concepts aren’t new, we’re still at the beginning of the holistic renaissance not just in skincare, but in our society; and with so many buzzwords, products, and marketing campaigns it’s hard for both consumers and aesthetics professionals to choose products that are healthy and also effective. Unfortunately, the lines differentiating the terms “holistic”, “organic”, and “natural” become quite blurred in advertisements…and what you see isn’t always what you get. I always strive to help consumers (and professionals) understand what it is that they are seeing and buying, whether it has to do with cosmetics or even food products, so I was so pleased that Dermascope asked me to clarify those terms in this article.

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