When I had acne, I thought I was doing everything right to get rid of it. I tried several different approaches–prescription and over-the-counter medications, professional skincare products, and plenty of fad diets–and while some of these means provided temporary relief, the acne kept coming back. It wasn’t until I figured out that the main reason was because despite all the changes I made, I was still eating certain foods that cause acne–foods that the Standard American Diet (SAD) considers part of a healthy diet. And whether I wanted to admit it or not, I still was eating way too much sugar–which I now know is the most common skin trigger. Once I figured this out and drastically reduced my intake of what I call the “Skin Trigger Trifecta” in my book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, my acne went away for good.

Watch Orly’s take on foods that cause acne, rosacea, and eczema below:

Understanding food triggers–foods that cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema–became a significant part of the work I do in my coaching practice, as well as in the Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance. I’m also always curious to know how practitioners who also support people with skin conditions with nutrition and lifestyle changes approach skin triggers, so I decided to ask my colleague, Orly Wachter, MSc, RD–also known as “The Skincare Dietitian,” for an interview from her perspective as a clinical nutritionist and dietitian.

Orly WächterOrly Wachter is a Skincare Dietitian and Healthy Living Strategist. Her mission is to help bright, driven women get glowing skin and killer confidence that allows them to show up as their best and brightest self. Like me, Orly believes that healthy skin starts from the inside and uses a personalized holistic approach that combines nutrition-based counseling, natural skincare solutions and self-care techniques.

In our interview, Orly shares great information about foods that cause acne, rosacea, and eczema. She talks in depth about the ones in the Skin Trigger Trifecta, as well as some outside the Trifecta that you’d never think would be skin triggers at all. She also talks extensively about elimination diets, and why she actually prefers them over food allergy/sensitivity testing for most clients, and gives tips for how to get the best results and have the best experience with an elimination diet.

I learned so much from Orly during our interview, and I know you will too!

Be sure to watch the video and leave a comment below and tell me what you learned.

orly-fb-holiday-EDITEDBy the way, Orly has a really fun 5-day challenge starting on December 7, called “Reveal Your Holiday Radiance.” Go to Orly’s website to learn more, and while you’re there be sure to sign up for her free e-book that’s full of tips and recipes on how to blend your way to perfect skin!

You can also find Orly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thanks Orly, for a great interview!

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