You may have noticed that I fairly recently started using the title phrase as the tagline for Holistically Haute™. I needed to have a sentence or phrase to describe what this process (and now company) has become, since it has evolved into so much more than the skin care blog it began as. When asked about my philosophy, or what my blog is about, I kept using the expression “inside out and outside in”. Early on I wrote a post with those words as the title, and kept constantly using them and referring to them over and over again. But what do these words really mean? Back when I wrote the original “Inside Out and Outside In” post, I was referring to caring for the skin from the inside out with proper nutrition and hydration and the outside in by using top quality products in a proper skin care regimen, along with supplementary skin treatments. It means more than that.

Ultimately, beauty comes from within: both figuratively and literally.


Figuratively meaning that who a person is on the inside affects how attractive he or she is on the outside. You could take identical twins who have the most beautiful physical features, but if one has a positive attitude and a good soul but the other does not, the good soul will always be perceived as more attractive than the negative one.

Who will become twin #1 and twin #2?

When talking about beauty coming from within in the literal sense, I am referring to one’s health. To me, one’s overall health encompasses his or her physical condition, mental health, self image, stress level, lifestyle choices, and every other piece that makes up the whole person. A person who is balanced is more healthy than one who is not. Let’s use the example of the identical twins again. You have two people who are genetically the same and who are the same age. They have had the same upbringing and have developed some of the same habits.

However, as they have grown and left the nest, their lifestyles have taken different turns. Twin #1 smokes heavily and drinks more than moderate amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. This twin drinks soda and eats fast food and never wears sunscreen or protective clothing. Twin #2 chooses water or tea over soda, consumes whole and organic foods, is a non-smoker, drinks less than moderate amounts of alcohol on a sporadic basis, and never leaves the house without at least SPF 15 regardless of the weather. Guess which twin has a healthy body weight, a porcelain complexion that appears years younger, and a twinkle in her eye? Not the heavy drinking, fast food eating smoker.

Caring for the skin on the outside is absolutely necessary and can maximize the physical attractiveness of one’s skin; but it is in no way a substitute for figurative or literal inner beauty. Only addressing the outside can only do so much. You can be twin #1 and use the most high tech and expensive products on the market and get weekly facial treatments, but you will still never look as youthful or vital as twin #2; even if twin #2 uses nothing but castille soap, pure jojoba oil, and zinc oxide in her skin care regimen.

And if you happen to be twin #2 and you decide to up your skin care regimen to something with more high quality active ingredients and start receiving aesthetic treatments like facials…well even those airbrushed models in the skin care ads won’t hold a candle to the inner and outer beauty you will achieve.

Time to reorganize…your fridge and your thought process


So if you look in the mirror and you are not happy with the reflection looking back, don’t just go shopping for new skin care products (although it might certainly help). Try looking in your refrigerator, pantry, freezer, and medicine cabinet. See what canned, packaged, or frozen foods you can start buying fresh, local, and organic. Is your fridge filled with dairy products? Try switching to non-dairy and non-soy alternatives. Coconut and almond products are absolutely delicious. Can’t live without pasta? Try making zucchini or summer squash spaghetti (I sense a future recipe). It looks pretty, takes on the flavor of whatever sauce you serve it with, and best of all you can eat as much of it as you want without feeling like you are about to explode or need a nap.

If, when you are stressed out after a long day at work your first instinct is to reach for a martini, why not try a cup of tea instead? If you feel tired or hungry around that usual 3pm snack time, try doing some quick stretches and have a large glass of water with lemon instead of that having a cup of coffee. If someone treats you badly, instead of reacting with negativity or holding a grudge, try simply letting it go and sending out a more neutral or positive response (I think that’s the hardest part).

It’s all about making little changes here and there over time to achieve your goals of looking and feeling fabulous at any age. Go ahead…see what healthy substitutions you can come up with. You might end up liking the substitution better than the original!

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